The Little Freak #5 is coming to you in 2019!

Well, it happened, i got that window. That made it possible to bring out issue 5 for The Little Freak. Just in time for the convention.

Earlier this year it was clear it wasn’t going to happen for me to come to any convention in 2019, missed the ones beginning of the year and it seemed that the end of the year i wasn’t going to attend them eighter.

Really glad that things changed, so i was able to get working on the layout of issue 5 and putting the final touches on the pages for that issue.
Just. In. Time, to take the book with me to the net convention that is beeing held this next week.

Hope all of the people that are reading this series, are attending the con, so they can pick up an issue, to enjoy all the hard work. Specially when the deadline was cut this close.

For now, it’s waiting for the printer to finish all the books, hopefully late this week, otherwise beginning next week. Send it on over to my doorstep and me taking those books with me to the comic con, along side Sgt Benbo chapters, Follow The Norm albums, Sketchcards, and a little tease for an upcoming artbook i’m dreaming up.

Hope to see you all there!


Roland Moonen

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