Reached The End Of Arc 1

Since i started writing my The Little Freak story in 2014.
I vividly can remember me sitting in a grassy field, with the sun shining on me, birds chirping, while i was plotting out pages, on top of pages on top of pages in the sketchbook i had with me..

I had the freedom to work wherever when i was plotting my stories, it didn’t matter if the characters were fleshed out 100% in that phase, the only thing that counted was that everything i was putting down, was clear to me.

I knew the plot beats i wanted, the trick was finding a way to get there.
One day, i noticed that i reached page 425…
(Checking the sketchbook: That page says: 17-03-2015.
I might have been writing for a year and filled up 3 of those big dummies).
And said to myself, that i should stop plotting and start actually creating pages,
so i have something to publish.

Now we live in the year of our lord, TwoThousandAndTwentyFour
and i am now, proud to say, that i have reached the sketch phase of page 420 through 425.
now at the clean-up stage, and i’m so thrilled, to finally see the end of this first run of my biggest story.

Of course, seeing i knew, this arc ended on an open note and that i have some loose ends story wise,
that needed to be taken care off. Possible things happening popped in my head, happening to characters we gotten to know and love.. And hate, and hate to love and love to hate.. Some great things happening, some weird and crazy things. Too much happening, that won’t be mentioned here, because, well.. Spoilers.

I opened up a wordpad, and started to write down plot beats and things that were going to happen to my characters.. Things that were rummaging in my mind for years..
Do you realise what a rush that gave me, to finally write down the things, that i was dreaming about for almost ten years, to finally have them in text before me.. it gave me such a kick, that i can’t wait to start the second arc of my longest story to date.. called: The Little Freak.

Suffice to say: Issue’s 1 through 6 are available for purchase,
right here, and at the most specialised of special book stores.
At the the moment the single issues are only in Dutch language,
but i’m planning to create Trade Paper Backs, collecting 5 issues, but in English.

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