Sgt Benbo

Written and illustrated by Roland Moonen

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Started in 2011 as a web comic that went online in 2012,
and through the years has gotten world wide appeal from the Netherlands to Canada and from Las Vegas to Belgium.

Not long after the first year online, the stories got printed.
At the moment the first two books are available in our shop and through specialized stores.

We’re hoping nothing but success for Ben and his stories that are already available, and the stories yet to come, keep an eye out on our site and our social media for everything Sgt.Benbo. Because knowing is half the battle!

“This weekly web comic, created by Roland Moonen. Is about Sgt.Benbo a highly decorated US army Sergeant that needed to leave his country for his and his family’s own safety. Because, on the tail end of his last mission. ‘The enemy’ had found out where he and his loved ones live.”

The first 50 copies of both the first and second chapters are numbered by the creator of this series personally

Author            :Roland Moonen
Language       :
English / Dutch
Page Count    :36 pages
First printed  :Chapter I & II March 2013