it was quiet in 2019 on the Moon-Toons front

Sadly not to much output from Moon-Toons as of yet this year, other than our uploads on instagram / facebook with the Daily Doodles, and updates of working on #TheLittleFreak.

Usually we will crank out a Sgt Benbo chapter, or an issue from The Little Freak, just in time for conventions we like to visit,  so we can  talk to fans and generally like minded individuals, but because of some circumstances we couldn’t make it to the first conventions in the year, I hope we can make it later this year, but we will let you know through our socials and here on the site, just keep in mind, at the moment of writing this, Roland has no dates set, even though he wants to, but the circumstances are so that, at the moment he can’t make plans to be at said cons..

How ever, Roland is hard at work on issues 9 and 10 of The Little Freak.(as you might have seen, if you follow us on instagram and facebook) But, in late in 2018 he started on daily sketching, or “DailyDoodles” if you will. Which gave him in 2019 the idea, when working on one of those sketches, the off the wall idea, to make said sketch a recurring character, in doing so, came up with the over all concept of “Cyber Ladies”. With 80+ sketches done so far in his sketchbooks, with those characters featured, we are thinking of putting out a sketchbook with some of those drawings in it to sell, For the people that are interested. If you are curious on what those look like, I urge you to follow us on our social media, Roland Cranks a little something out every day, to let his small group of fans know what is going on behind the scenes.

if you are interested in commissions, you are free to contact Roland through our contact form, with your wishes (commissions start from €10,- and upwards.) This is also the best way, if you want back issues from our series, when you are missing an issue, or want a poster, please go through our E-mail system and we will get right back to you with options..

So, sorry for the people that wanted to get their hands on issue 5 of The Little Freak, I will make it up, with the edition of the above mentioned Cyber Ladies artbook I have planned in the near future, when things have settled down.

Keep checking our socials, for updates and, if I do manage to be at a convention with new books and merch, where you weren’t able to go to. No worries, you can order your stash from this site, through contact form, (still not a working webshop sad to say) So please check that out.


Roland Moonen

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