Stripdagen 2015

Convention season has started again,
last sunday it kicked off with a small appetizer, in the form of a small amateur con that went surprisingly well.

Next month on the 7th and 8th of march we kick it off with the Stripdagen in Gorinchem,
(i’m trying to get a seat at the dutch comic con but nothing’s set yet.)

Along side Roland Moonen’s Sgt. Benbo, and Follow The Norm, he’s been busy with a new project called “The Little Freak” been scripting it’s storyline since march 2014 and is just getting near the end. so we he needs a little more time to get started on actually work on individual pages.

Next to the stories and books he writes and illustrates.. Since 2014 we have Moon-Toons Prints; consisting of Tributes and originals. Tributes are prints filled with nostalgia, series Roland loved watching or reading. Titles like “Samurai Pizza Cats” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” “Savage Dragon” “The Rocketeer” with the success of the pizza cats prints, a new wave has been made. Roland finished a new batch of character illustrations of that show he loved.. New characters like the New York pizza cats, Guru Lou, Princess Vi, Al Dente, and more. So for the folks that remember the pizza cats.. it’s Perhaps something to keep an eye out for, when you attend a convention with a Moon-Toons booth in the vicinity.

Originals are the Creator owned prints featuring Roland Moonen’s own created characters like Sgt. Benbo (which has his yearly print since 2012) new are the little freak prints, and more to come in the near future.

So when you are near by Gorinchem that particular weekend, come and say hi at the Moon-Toons booth, perhaps treat yourself to a new book, Print or a commission when your feeling generous!






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