Finished scripting the little freak’s first story ark!

Well, dudes and dudettes.
yesterday around midnight, (Tuesday 17-03-2015) Roland finished scripting the first story ark to his new series The Little Freak

The initial intention was to write a big, fun, adventurous, fantastic story as a whole, and leave it at that. With one solid story, with a steady cast of characters it seemed like a great idea.. But at the end in the third dummy book, things happened, things that needed closure for one the main characters and to tie up some loose things that weren’t settled from the start of the story..

So yeah, chances are, when (if) the little freak gets to the point that page 425.. The book will probably continue to for a bit to really give the story a solid ending..

Next to that, back to the reason why this installment of this blog was created.. Finishing scripting on TLF.
Writing the first ark of TLF took a year and everything started in march 2014 during a comic convention in Holland. Roland started scribbling on a piece of paper, drawing the first thing that popped in his head.. That creation looked and felt cool enough, that he started thinking. That possibly, something more needed to be done with the little fella.. And quickly named it the little freak, for some odd reason and tucked it away, and went on with the convention at hand.

At the end of the convention, finally home, he grabbed the illustrations of the little freak out of his case, and scanned it in, to start coloring it, what made the illustrations look even more.. Well, bad ass!

Sometime later. After ideas were turning in his head, somewhat resembling a potential story, a story popped up and started writing. What first started out as one page gags, but soon found out that those gag pages were asking for more of a story ark.

The first 5 pages where made as one page gag strips, but after the 5th one, the story behind the little freak and the universe that they lives in came looking around the corner. After those 5 pages, something happened. The story kept on burning for an entire year and change, And those 5 pages that were solo gags stories changed and became a cohesive story counting 425 pages. Where it resides in 3 dummy books at the moment. .

it’s not finished..

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